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I am a UX-Passionate and Marketing-Allrounder from Zurich. I am obsessed with human perceptions and relationships. However, my process is more than synthesizing human interactions. It consists of formulating a problem, finding a solution to that problem and then implementing that idea or concept.

To be an UX-Passionate means more than just doing beautiful designs and research. You have to find your Users, talk to them and understand them. For every step you have to focus on the Users and their needs. Users don't buy a service they buy magic.

Other things you should know about me: MAS HCID Student @ Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil. Acrobatics and airplane food l♥ver

This website is german and english mixed.


Please note that my work is covered by non-disclosure agreements and can only be shown in person.

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  • Sabrina Strebel, Zurich, Switzerland

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